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ARK Construction and Development Inc. is responsible for the acquisition and development of multi-family communities, and as a builder of luxury condominiums, delivers the highest level of excellence in home and commercial construction throughout the Los Angeles area.

ARK Construction and Development Inc. has achieved impressive financial strength, and self funds its development projects. This financial stability has been created through an unwavering eye towards quality product development, satisfying market demand, and a commitment to homeowner satisfaction.

ARK Construction and Development is dedicated to superior architecture, community service, building excellence, and nature preservation. As a result, these qualities have earned ARK enduring and vital relationships with those who live in the homes and communities created by this company.

The mission of ARK Construction and Development Inc. is to exceed the expectations of our home buyers in the creation of unique and exceptional homes, while maintaining its commitment to an accessible and personal approach to business and the resulting relationships formed

Fred Kamdar, President
Kambiz Kamdar, Vice President

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