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Kambiz Kamdar, Vice President

Kambiz Kamdar is Vice President of ARK Construction & Development, Inc. and has brought a sophisticated investment and management approach to the company as a result of his years working in the construction and development industry.

Kambiz possesses a Bachelor of Arts in Business, Finance from the University of Southern California. After graduating, Kambiz worked as a financial analyst at National Partnership and Investments Co, one of the largest national low income housing developers. His scope of work as a financial analyst included analyzing potential projects that would take advantage of tax credits provided to low income housing projects.

After two years Kambiz joined the family business and partnered with his father, Fred Kamdar, to develop luxury condominiums in the Los Angeles Area. For the past ten years Kambizí focus has included all aspects of development and construction, from acquiring properties, the entitlement process, construction of the properties and the eventual sale of the individual condominiums and properties.

Kambiz is married and with two children and resides in Pacific Palisades, California.

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